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 It is extremely important that I note this article is for MATURE AND EMOTIONALLY STABLE people only. It would be irresponsible of me to not let the possible readers know that you are about to read an article that graphically details a gruesome murder of a human being and animals. If for any reason you feel that you can not handle this type of content, please remove yourself now. DO NOT leave this article available for anyone to see who is under 18, emotionally sensitive, mentally ill, or easily disturbed.
Continuing to read this article if your choice and yours alone from this point. I am not responsible for anyone reading it who is not meant to be. You have been notified and warned.

Being who am I and what I do, there are many different things that I have to pay attention to in the world we live in; even when it means witnessing something I would really prefer not to. On days and occasions like these, I don't know if I would rather hang up my hat as a social commentator and focus on possibly flipping burgers in a fast food restaurant somewhere or keep pressing on and hoping tomorrow's news is brighter and won't make me want to lock myself and my children in a cave somewhere (although, I have seen many bear attack videos so even that seems sinister at times).

This all brings me to the case of Luka Magnotta. Some people may know him as the attention whore that he has become over the years, posting random provocative pictures of himself on different websites vying for the attention of men and media and some of you may know him from the infamous 2010 video when he put a pair of kittens into a bag, turned a vacuum on, and callously sucked the air out of the bag in order to suffocate the defenseless creatures.
(If the statement I just made about this person was too much for you, please refrain from continuing this article and read on of my others on a less heinous subject. It gets worse from here.)

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I can go into this guy's background more than I did above but there is not much more to tell. Not anything remarkable, special, telling, nor of interest to many. He seemed like a regular fame-seeking-narcissistic-porn-star who believed that he was so special that the world should know him. And he was dead set on making that happen. First, through his self-promotion and adult film, then through the senseless killing of innocent animals, now....through murder and mailing the body parts of his victim to conservative officials in Canada. Yes. You read that right. Now some of you may have heard of this, it just recently happened as of May 24,2012, but I doubt you were aware of the way he killed this man and what he proceeded to do with the man's remains before mailing.

I am not going to drag this article on like the ones I absolutely HATE that give you 10,000 lead ups before they go into the content. I like to read the facts and suspect you do too so I will get to it.

I was told about this crime and tracked down the video when I heard it was available to watch on the net. The reason because I guess I knew that if I was going to report on it, I needed to know what I was talking about. It starts out with Magnotta, hooded and dressed in black, straddling a naked male who is tied to a bed. He removes himself from the victim and soon the camera cuts back to a lifeless body. Magnotta proceeds to stab the victim about the stomach and chest area repeatedly although it is apparent the victim has already passed. He gets up, grabs the camera, uncovers the face of the victim and exposes a dead throat gash that undoubtedly was the cause of the victim's demise. He then captures himself while he is slicing the limbs and then removing the head in which he puts into a box before continuing to cut the limbs away from the torso and making random slices on the rest of the body. Then he grabs the dismembered arm and proceeds to use it as a pleasure device on his own self. He focuses on this for a bit before returning the camera's eye back to the body where the corpse is in an advanced state of dismemberment. He then rapes the corpse. It cuts back to him holding the camera as he takes a knife and fork to cut away a piece of his victim's buttocks, eats it, then puts his dog on the bed and allows his dog to eat from the area where the leg used to be. The video then breaks to the corpse in an even further state of dismemberment. Magnotta takes a wine bottle and anally penetrates the corpse. Camera cuts again to Magnotta laying on the bed and pleasuring himself with the dismembered arm. He then finishes the film with a series of photos of the body, the crime in process, and his ultimate undoing, a profile shot of his face.

The video was originally posted on which is a website that collects and shows the most gruesome parts of the human nature. Viewers flocked to the video and it was to some of their viewers that they were able to piece together the puzzle and identify the culprit. Canadian officials were notified but refused to take it seriously which gave Magnotta time to escape. Soon, officials also identified Magnotta in the photo but he was already gone by this time.

With all of the horrible crimes that have taken place, this is one that has truly made me sick to my stomach. What makes it worse is that this guy is still on the loose as of today (I WILL UPDATE THIS ARTICLE WHEN THEY ARE AVAILABLE). Magnotta made this video not only as a way to be able to relive his crimes, but also as a way to become famous. The victim in this video was a sacrifice to a never-was-never-will-be career of a man who wasn't even a quarter of how special he thought he was. It makes you wonder what kind of thoughts have to go through a person's mind to be capable of a crime like this. Did he truly think he was so important that the life of his victim was so insignificant next to how important his fame level should be? Did he believe he would get away with it? The only real reason I can even see him posting a picture of himself in the video was to make sure he got his notoriety but try and "beat a rap" by saying it wasn't he who committed the crime, someone else must have included his picture in the video. I will put money on that as a matter of fact.

This whole situation is a disgusting and terrifying sign of what people will do in this day and age for fame. I can handle idiots jumping off a roof into a baby pool, everyone and their mother deciding they are qualified to write film reviews, and even getting a couple of bums to fight on camera in exchange for marijuana and beer. I can not handle things of this sort. The terrifying reality is he is not the first and will not be the last. The important part now is to spread this person's picture like wild fire. Officials believe that he may be hiding out in the U.S. although it is possible he is still in Canada.

Please be on the lookout for this person and should you see him, call authorities immediately. I truly hope he is found before anyone else is subjected to the same fate as the man in the video.

My thoughts and best wishes are with the victim's family.


-Victim has been identified as 33 year old Jun Lin, a Chinese citizen who was visiting Canada before meeting and possibly dating Magnotta.
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-Magnotta fled to France shortly after the murder. Officials say he may be dressed as a woman to hide out and may have possibly fled to Britain.

-Magnotta reportedly told a member of the European press that his next victim "wouldn't be a small animal" and to keep watch for his next video. Although it was reported to police, official did nothing to look for him nor press charges for the animal killings.

-Here is the audition for the Canadian gay reality show COVER GUY.

For an updated article on the case, see


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Personal Beliefs Are Just That... Personal

Thank you to Stephanie for getting me on my butt and getting me to update this blog. ;)

The title of this blog is "Personal Beliefs Are Just That... Personal" for a reason. I know I talk about a lot of things on the social networks that I keep up and every now and then get asked some questions that I think are fair to ask of someone who you chose to interact with on a social level. I make no qualms that my personal beliefs are probably different than most and also have no apologies for them. I wouldn't apologize for my choice in fashion or my preference of entertainment so I put them all into the category of "It's just how I am". 
For my man-geeks out there.

As many of you know, I am a HUGE advocate of gay rights and gay marriage. On the marriage tip, I chose to believe that if millions of heterosexual people can choose to enter into a union of cohabitation, shared expenses, and sometimes mutual misery, than why the hell can't two people with the same genitalia do the same? Is it my business what goes on in a bedroom that is not mine nor that I have rights to? Nope. Would I like to watch two dudes get down in a hot, sweaty, and sloppy manner in their bedroom? Yes. But that is a different story for another time and has no standing on my opinions here. Telling people they have no right to legally intertwine their lives is just like having someone come up to me and say:
"The man you have chosen to date is not OK. Here, take GiddyGiddyUmmBop here and try to make it work. So what if you don't find him attractive. So what if the sight of him is unappealing to you. So what if you will probably never have sex and if you do you will end up in a shower, covered in vomit, and washing away your own tears of disgust and frustration that your life can not be lived the way you choose to. We think it is better for you because ol' GiddyGiddyUmmBop is a better choice in our opinion and OUR opinion is all that matters. If you don't like it, live your life single with feelings of being unfulfilled because you are not capable of making an adult decision without our help."
Hot? NO! Epic? YES!

To that, I say "no thank you". I am perfectly capable of deciding what I choose to do with my life and am somewhat capable of deciding who to love. I say somewhat because if you meet my exes, you will discover I sometimes make mistakes.... Hey, I can't be perfect in EVERY area of life, can I? ;)
I recently saw a picture that said "Isn't it interesting that a country founded to allow freedom from religious persecution is now using religion to persecute freedoms?" and shook my head in agreement.
Listen, I don't care what you believe in, the forefathers of the US came over here to get away from being ruled by church law. That is the whole reason this f'in country became what it is. How is it acceptable to turn around and bring us back under those guidelines? And I know what some of you states are sneaky little bastards... in order to keep it from being a "religious rule" you have started to get these religious freaks to the polls and make amendments to state laws to "define" what marriage is. Show me one fucking place in the world that is was "defined" other than the bible. Please. I beg you. I can go on this tip all day but honestly, I fear it will give me gas. I am allergic to ignorance and it causes me to bloat.
Love is love. The one thing I can not understand is how people are allowed to marry their second cousins, distant relatives, even their step siblings of whom they've been raised as siblings, all as long as they are of a different gender. 'Yay Insest! No Homos!' Just makes me shake my head at the priorities in this day and age.Hey! By the way, remember when it was damn near illegal to be black? They had no rights, no opinions, no respect? And what did we learn from that? Yeah.... Think about it.

Moving on...

I am not nor will be associated with any religion or system that you can put a name on other than Dai'ism. Many of you know some of the basic belief structures in my own school of thought and many have even called themselves "Dai'ists". For this, I love you. ;) The reason I refer to it as such is because I have taken enough damn time to learn a bit from many of the different religions, enough to know that not one damn one of them makes complete sense, but a lot of them have some beautiful ideals that do make sense. For a quick breakdown, here are some of them:

-Love has no gender, color, or social limitations. The only times it is NOT acceptable to love something on a relationship level is when you are of a different species, one of the parties is a child, and/or if one of the parties is deceased at the time of copulation. Sorry to those who are attracted to corpses, but that shit is straight nasty.
--Live and let live. You do things that I don't like, I do things that you don't like, let's have a beer and talk about something else then. Hating someone over choices that really have no standing on you at all is just time consuming and stress inducing bullshit (for lack of a better term). At the end of the day, I am sure you have enough issues in your own life that could use the attention that you are giving someone elses issues. If we worked on solving our own issues as much as we do on telling other people how to live their lives, we would ALL have a lot less stress.
---Yes, I believe in a higher power. But even more so I believe that we all have and make choices. In my opinion, there is no "it was God's will" or "the devil made me do it". Those things don't work when you choose to have an excuse. "The Lord decided that my 22 year old children's father needed to go 'home'"? Ummm. No. Some shit-headed-fuckface-punks decided to take his life. Get it right. "The devil made the 'Night Stalker' kill all of his victims"? Ummm. No. That was mental illness in conjunction with some pretty gnarly drugs who did that one. Sorry. In my own humble opinion, that power is here to help when you need it. I do believe in a 'life plan' but I do also believe choice affects most of our lives here. It is complex, I know. In the end, I am all about personal accountability and a little help from above. This would take forever to explain. If you have specific questions, please feel free to ask.
----It is important to remember that you are not the only person on this planet, many have it MUCH worse than you do, and it is important to be there and help when you can. This does not mean to use your baby's milk money on a text to send $4.99 to Haiti. Take care of your family first, then yourself, then whoever needs it. This extends past money. Can you put a price on a smile or a word of encouragement? No. But you have no idea how much that will mean to someone, especially when they mean it. Don't be a self important prick. As a matter of fact, if I had commandments, one of them would absolutely be "Don't be a self important prick". With so much misery and pain in the world, what would it kill you to make ONE person's day a little better? Think about a time when one random act of kindness improved your day for even just a moment and how you appreciated it. Try to do that every now and then for someone else.
-----I DID NOT come from no fucking rib nor a goddamned monkey. And if you have issue that I feel this way, please read the LIVE AND LET live section. Now I will tell you what, if I am somehow wrong about this, please prove it to me. If you know the fucking monkey we came from, I will dry hump it's bones on film for the world to see. If you can produce proof that I exist because of a rib, show me the rib and I will dry hump it too. I really have a disdain for these two points and although I do not fault anyone who believes this, these are the two most forced opinions of our existence that people try to pound into my head all the time and it just drives me nuts. Neither of them make sense, in my opinion, and enough research has gone into it to disprove both. Read an article. All I'm saying... 
------I very much believe in the soul. I, also, do believe the soul lives on after the body expires.  If you have ever lost someone close to you only to have them around you after their death, you know too. Therefore, it is important to respect the dead. This is very important to me. This ties in with a few of my superstitions but we won't go there or you will know how neurotic I can be. Plus, a soul is energy, energy can not be killed, check that one out ;)
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I can go on and on but I promised it would be short. Pretty much, I just choose to be my own person and live life well enough that I don't hurt people and help as much as I can. Also, be good to people. Love the one you're with. Treat people with respect. Don't be a douche. These are all things to live by.

Other than these, I am running a bit long on this one and don't want to write you a book here. If there are any specific questions that you may have, feel free to ask them. I am probably one of the most accessible people on the planet so you know where to find me.
Thank you guys for dropping by and I will try to keep this one up a bit more. Have a great week and we will talk soon!!


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Attn all business associates:

It has come to my attention that I must make the following statement:

No one has the ability, permission, or approval to speak on my behalf concerning any business matters, including but not limited to film booking, convention appearances, interviews, film festival hosting or any other hosting duties, etc.
If you have dealt with someone who has claimed that they are working for me, please let me know immediately and inform me as to which terms were made. Legal action may be pending.
Thank you,
The really pissed off chick.