Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Terri Hobbs Makes A Personal Website To Humanize Himself

Step father of murder victim Stevie Branch has started his own website to humanize himself in the eyes of the public after attention has been directed his way in the murder of Stevie, Michael Moore, and Christopher Byers.

Photo courtesy of www.WM3.org

The murder of the three boys pictured above has become infamous due to the convictions of Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jesse Misskelly. The three convicted boys, now men, were coined the West Memphis Three and gained world wide recognition due to the documentary PARADISE LOST which followed them through the trials. People across the nation believed the three were innocent and suspicion fell onto many different parties including an unknown bloodied man who entered a local restaurant around the time of the murders, Byers' step father Mark Byers, and now Hobbs himself.

Photo courtesy of the Commercial Appeal.

Experts that were hired by the boys' defense team announced that they found a DNA sample within one of the ligatures that bound Christopher Byers and the profile fit that of Terry Hobbs. Since then, a world of suspicion has been cast upon Hobbs who has been adamant that he had nothing to do with the murders.

Photo courtesy of the Commercial Appeal.

This is not the first time Hobbs has been under scrutiny. In 1994, Hobbs was arrested for shooting his brother-in-law after he violently attacked his wife, and mother of Stevie Branch, Pam Hobbs. Critics believe this instance and others show the true violent nature of Hobbs and believe that the murder of the children would not be out of his scope of behaviors.

In his personal website, Hobbs describes himself as "a quiet, laid-back man" and hopes that his blog will "get to know him".
He has also posted a letter that he, Diana and Todd Moore (parents of Michael Moore), and Steven Hobbs (biological father of Stevie Hobbs) sent to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, thanking them for not awarding the film PARADISE LOST 3 an Oscar. In the film, it shows the three defendants being freed from jail and profiles the road of suspicion that has led to Hobbs. They wrote that it would have been a "painful injustice" to have the film given the award and continued with "the decision not to reward a biased documentary that celebrates convicted child murderers was the right one".

He goes into little detail about the case and releases one final statement that can be seen on his blog and notes it will be the last he will speak of it.

I would like to get your input on this ordeal and ask that you read what he has to say and let us know what your opinions are.
I have long been a HUGE supporter of the West Memphis Three as well as an advocate that the real person(s) behind the murder be brought to justice.
I do have my own set of feelings on this issue but do not want to taint your responses based on mine. I am all about a good healthy discussion on this case.

Check out http://www.TerryHobbs.com and read through his blog. Tell me what you think in the comment section below, on FB, or in my personal email Dai@HorrorNews.net if you prefer your comments stay anonymous.

Please note that this is a very simple explanation of the case. Should you like to learn more, feel free to ask questions here or visit www.WM3.org for the latest news.