Sunday, June 3, 2012

Luka Magnotta Updates - The Case Gets Stranger Each Day

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Ever since I watched the video of Luka Magnotta's murder, the case has almost been all consuming. Watching for updates, reading article after article to learn more about the man behind the crimes, even answering the many emails from the curious to the concerned who have found their way to this blog. Honestly, I can look at this whole thing with a mixture of common sense, previous knowledge of similar cases, and a critical mind but the truth of the matter is, everyday it gets stranger and stranger.

If you have not been keeping up or are just lost amid the turmoilous sea of rumors and speculation, I will do my best to update you up to this point with what has developed so far.

Photo allegedly of Magnotta at the airport en route to France. Source AP.

Through multiple media sources it as come to light that he had fled to France shortly after the murder. He was only officially named as a suspect when a suitcase containing a human torso was found outside of his apartment building. Further examination of his flat uncovered body parts (allegedly), blood covered mattress that seemed to have been cleaned (unsuccessfully), a cryptic message written in one of the cupboards, and blood around other parts of the apartment including in the fridge.


A media site claimed that a user named BEAVIS BUTTHEAD on who uploaded a video in Magnotta's defense was actually Magnotta himself. The video trying to point out inconsistencies of the known death photo of victim Jun Li and the video of the blood pattern on the mattress in Magnotta's flat. The video proclaims that this is a set up of Magnotta and that an agent he recently fired may have been the real perpetrator of the crime. Since then, thousands of people have flocked to the video in hopes that they could talk to Magnotta through the video's comments. You can find this at In response to the allegations, the user has uploaded more videos mocking the original reporter and continues to proclaim he is not Magnotta while still defending his innocence.

Officials say they have information where Magnotta has been in France since the murder. They believe he was spotted at a Paris bar on Thursday night and had spent two nights with a man that he met at a club after leaving his hotel room in a higher end hotel in Paris.

Other media outlets are also reporting that Magnotta may have killed before the 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick video hit the web but there has been no evidence or details to further correlate this information. PETA has been searching for him for the two previous videos he had made of killing kittens (one by placing them in a bag and vacuuming out the air and one by feeding a kitten to a snake). There is no further information about any other killings at this time.

Not else has come out in the news of actual factual information. There have been interviews with past lovers, old associates, and even archived interviews with Magnotta are under every bit of scrutiny that you can expect from a information hungry media but nothing else more telling than what I have previously reported.

This is one of the stranger stories I have followed. Drugs, sex, porn, desperate bids to become famous, transsexual disguises, possible self-made YouTube accounts to ensure the furthering of fame while on the run, self uploaded videos of the crime, etc. It is mind blowing to think that this isn't some outrageous bad movie on the LIFETIME channel.

I will continue to update this story as details become available.


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  1. As they unraveled his background, police discovered that Magnotta changed his name from Eric Clinton Newman in 2006 and that he was born in Scarborough, Ontario. He is also known as Vladimir Romanov. Police said he has 70 Facebook accounts under different names.