Monday, June 4, 2012

Luka Magnotta ARRESTED in Berlin - Two More Body Parts Arrive At Two Vancouver Schools

This article is in order of developments so please scroll down for the updated information.

Finally, the moment we have all been watching for, Luka Magnotta was arrested in Berlin, Germany after avoiding capture for almost two weeks.

Officials say that Magnotta fled his Paris hotel room shortly before they arrived but they were able to track him down to an internet cafe in Berlin.

More information as the story develops. Stay tuned.

-Magnotta is being held in a Berlin jail. He will see a judge on June 5th.

-A patron of the internet cafe where Magnotta was visiting recognized him from news reports and called police to have them check it out. He was apprehended without incident.

 -Magnotta was alone when arrested.

-Official mug shot.

-Possible personal video posted by Magnotta on one of his "sock puppet" accounts on the day he was arrested with the title LUKA MAGNOTTA'S OFFICIAL THEME SONG in which he shows himself off while playing the song that was playing in the 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick murder video.

-Live chat about the case:

-Video from the internet cafe in Berlin where  Magnotta was found and arrested. The video is pretty uneventful but it is a bit wild to see a bunch of German police walk in to apprehend him.

- An elementary school and private all boys school in Vancouver both received packages on 6/5/2012 whose contents were a foot and hand from an unidentified victim.
False Creek Elementary school received a package containing a human hand at around 1pm local time while St. Georges Private School for Boys received the foot shortly afterward. Officials are not saying it is confirmed to be the hand and foot of Jun Lin but they are investigating the body parts and will make an official announcement soon.
Lin's limbless torso was the only piece that was found at the scene. As I reported earlier, one hand and one foot have been officially been identified as Lin's. Should these new limbs turn out to be his, it will only be the head that will remain as missing. The head was placed into a box in the video that Magnotta posted online of the murder but no word as to it's current location.

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