Sunday nights
8pm PST/ 11pm EST
Each show is archived. If you can not make it on the night, you can listen to any show when it is convenient for you to do so :)
This is the newest and the current show hosted by myself and Nita Burson.  

                       Past Shows Are Still Available

Sunday nights
6:30pm PST/ 9:30 EST

Hosted by Dai Green and John Torrani, the PODCAST FROM HELL (PFH) is an podcast that focuses on interviews and news within the horror industry.
Previous guests have included:

Sid Haig (Devil's Rejects, Spider Baby)
Debbie Rochon (Most Famous Of Scream Queens)
Gunnar Hanson (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Won Ton Baby)
Kevin Tenney (Night Of The Demons, WitchBoard)
Leslie Easterbrook (Police Academy, Devil's Rejects)
David Hess (Last House On The Left, Smash Cut)


Monday Nights
8pm PST/ 11 EST 
The OFFICIAL GASH Fan Page On FaceBook 

With hosts Dai Green, Nita Burson, and Rebekah The Jew, THE GASH is an all inclusive topic show that basis it's topics on everything that is happening in the entertainment industry.
What sets this show apart from other entertainment shows is the raw opinions and no-holds-barred attitude that comes from the hosts each week. This is the world through the eyes of women who work in the horror genre and get to see it all everyday.
On every show, there is a main topic chosen that the girls will discuss to inform and entertain the listeners as well as give them a chance to call in with their opinions.
Past topics have included:

Get Sex Advice From The Gash (two part episode)
How To Get Revenge And Be Able To Laugh About It Later (without going to jail)
Awesome And Horribly Disgusting Body Modifications (links to pics announced verbally)

All past episodes are archived at HorrorNews.net under the PODCAST tab.
If you are running on the FIREFOX browser, please go directly to BlogTalkRadio.com/HorrorNewsNet to listen to the podcasts.

When LIVE, we have a chat room that is normally filled up with awesome people who talk about the guests, topics, and often get into other awesome discussions during the show. We also accept questions for all of our guests from the chat room. You never know who you will get the opportunity to talk to!
Make sure to pop in for some of the chats, we'd love to hear from you! 

Call ins are welcomed on every live show! Don't be scared, we only bite when we are asked to. ;)
The call in number is 347-202-0236 

For feedback on all shows, please email DaiGreen@yahoo.com If you would like your email to remain private, please specify on the email. We read our fan mail on air from time to time and will do so unless otherwise specified by you.

Thanks so much for checking out the info about my podcasts and I can't wait to see you guys on our show chats!

Listen well my friends!