Saturday, July 7, 2012

Attention all.

Many of you have written and asked where I have been lately and inquired as to why I haven't been writing much. The truth of the matter is that I have been unable to answer that in a way that anyone could understand including myself.

I have been at quite a crossroad for quite some time and have had a hard time deciding which road to take. I make it no secret that I have a busy life. Between kids, school, paid writing, and different projects that I have been trying to help with, it hasn't given me a lot of time to decide much of anything career wise.

I think I owe it to those who write me and ask for promotion and reviews for to tell you guys what is going on. As of right now, I have excused myself as an active writer on the site and do not know when I plan to return. Reasons for this are mostly personal but I can assure you it was nothing to do with them or me. I have been with the site since it was still in fetal form and will always see it as a child of mine. As a matter of fact, no one wishes things were a little different more than I do but there comes a time when you have to decide what is best.

Does this mean I am completely removing my affiliations from the site? No. Anything sent to me that is supposed to be for HNN will be passed along with haste. I still want all of you to visit the site daily and support the amazing writers that work daily to get you the best in horror. I will also be passing along information to you guys about the wonderful things they have going on. Like I said, this was my baby for many years. You don't just stop being a "Head Mistress" after 5 years.

Will this affect the podcast? No. The Darkest Hour is a separate entity and I will stay with it. Now, take in mind, I will be tweaking this a bit as well so don't be surprised when a bunch of changes start coming your way.

Am I quitting the horror genre? Now you know you have lost your mind if you ask me this. Of course not. It is just a part of me as I am of it and have no plans to leave it behind. I will still be working the venues, and hopefully more so than before, just under a different premise. I am also still available for work from anyone who may need me. Now I just have a bit more concentration to apply to it.

Once again, I can assure you  I hold no bad blood or ill feelings toward HNN or those within it. I love it and them. I hope you will continue to support them as you have me through out the years.

For the time being, should you need to get a hold of me, please contact me through This is my temporary email address and this will be changing soon.

BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE: You have not heard or seen the last of me! I will be popping up in a lot of other venues that I know you will be excited for PLUS I have a few films set to debut soon so keep up with me for updates! And, of course, STILL listen to our shows <3

Thank you guys for your love and attention and let's get back to talking about the stuff that really matters...YOU! :)



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  2. No missing me needed, I will still be around :)

  3. Do what's best for Dai. We know where to stalk you when w need you. ;)
    You're gonna do awesome and amazing things with yourself(like you don't do awesome and amazing things to yourself all dat anyways. Perv!)
    Jenn Dorris