Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year And A New Perspective,

Heya Freaks and Minx!

Well, here we are, another year together. Do you guys feel like we should have had coitus by now because this is one of the longest relationships I've ever had with someone and not at least seen them naked once. :D Four years with a lot of you and
I couldn't be happier to still have ya around.

The title of this blog is "A new year and a new perspective" for a reason. With my 30th birthday just looming around the corner a lot of things have started to make sense to me and this year alone has taught me a lot about love, loss, dealing with pain, and appreciating those around you who care. Sounds sappy, right? It kind of is but I will keep as much vag out of this post as I can. I don't want to sit here and rehash all of the bad through out the year as most of you know and those who don't probably don't want to hear about it. Besides, focusing on the bad blocks out the good and the good is all that really matters anyway.

Each year I make resolutions for the upcoming year. These normally consist of my promise to write more, stop smoking, work out more, cuss less, send people poo in the mail, but I never really keep up with them so they are just more empty and meaningless words that I make up to make me feel better. As I was pondering this the other day, more thoughts popped into my head about the way I look at past years in comparison to where I want to take the new ones. I say MANY time "Oh man, *insert year* really sucked. It was a really bad year. I am going to make *insert year* so much better". I know many of you say this too as I DO pay attention to your FB statuses, tweets, and emails that I get from you guys.

We all say the previous year sucked and we are going to make the next so much better. I am going to make a change in my perception this year. Yes, this year sucked. The past year sucked. The year before that sucked. Life sucks. Being an adult sucks. Having responsibility sucks. Not having everything go our way sucks. But we are missing something, the things that DON'T suck. The things we have. The things we have been given. Our kids. Our friends. The fact that we have people that care enough to read our stupid FB updates and make us laugh when no one else is around. Most of us are in good health but regardless of that, we are all still here. I said above that focusing on the bad blocks out the good. We always focus on the bad so much that we, at times, feel our entire existence is miserable. This is where we need to change our perspective.

We need to stop focusing on life and start focusing on living. In other words, stop trying to define the meaning of life and start defining the meaning of living. Life is hard anyway but so many of us make it harder. We worry so much about what others think of us and what people don't like about us that we forget to worry about JUST ourselves. We forget to love ourselves for the very faults that make us original and different from the crowd. That is something we all need to change.

This year my resolutions are simple:
Focus on living instead of life.
I will own all of my faults and each part of me that makes me who I am.
I will appreciate what I have and make the best out of every bad situation that presents itself.
I will get through each of life's demonic tests and when I get through them, I will focus on what I learned instead of focusing on the pain it caused.

These are simple, so freakin' simple, but many of us forget to do these things yet they are the most important. We have to stop crying about how bad the year before has been and MAKE it better for ourselves. No one is going to hand us happiness, we have to find it and expand it on our own.
Now if this sounds like a Tony Robbins post, I do apologize for that. I have never been a happy-go-lucky-the-world-is-beautiful-lets-believe-dog-shit-is-really-cotton-candy-and-roses type of person and I will never be. I hate the people who live life whistling a tune and slapping their knees like nothing bothers them because it makes me sick to see someone so ignorant to life and the world around them. Let's be honest, no one is THAT fricken' happy ALL of the time. I am simply exposing myself to you all and letting you know that if you feel the same way that I do, you are not alone in those feelings. And I also feel that in order for myself to do this, I need to be held responsible as I plan to hold you all responsible to your resolutions that I read from you. Yes, I will heckle you if you make one and break one. I would expect nothing less from you to do to me as well.

Well that is the skinny of it. I could go on and on all day but I will go back to being my salty old self for a bit. I'm like Roger on American Dad. If I am nice for too long, my life force starts to dwindle. Youtube that ep if you don't know what I am talking about, you will see Dai in her true form. ;)

I wish you all THE VERY BEST for 2012 and if we don't all die on December 21, 2012, I'm going to dig up a Mayan and kick it in the skull for being a lazy prick and not finishing the calendar. ;)
All my love to you and here is to seeing all of you in the new year!!


Paragraphs edited especially for Kevin Herrin who had an issue with my lack of formatting on my PB. Lol Thank you for the feedback, Kevin. Happy New Year!

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  1. I never make resolutions,to much trouble sticking too them...