Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just a few more loose ends tied and some insight into my working mind.

Well, here we are at my second post of this blog and I have no real idea of what to write about. Honestly, I don't know where to start with explaining things because I have so much going on but have to wonder how much of it will actually be of interest to you. I refuse to treat this like a Twitter and report each time I have coffee or go out to a restaurant so I will try to stick to the basics.

I guess a good place to start would be to explain some of what I posted in my last edition. I have gotten a few questions about certain things and asked about things that I may have left out. Please understand that for one reason or another, I may leave out certain explanations from time to time to protect the identities of some or because I don't want to get too into some of my more personal situations. I may talk about those when I am ready but we all have those parts of our lives that we aren't as much ashamed of as we just never want to relive them. The time may come or it may not. But I do promise always to be honest about things, honesty has never been hard for me.
I do want to add before I start that I find it hysterical that so many people have found this blog by looking up "Dai Greens age". That is in my stats. Are you guys really that curious about how old I am? I hope I am younger than what you thought. ;)

If I am anything, I am a failure at romantic relationships. Why is that? Well, I don't exactly know. I don't think it is so much of how I am in comparison to the people I choose to date. I've dated some real ... well let's just call them anti-winners. Believe it or not, I really am a shy person so I never approach those I may have a small crush on and let them know. I have adored some of the world's sweetest men and never made a move. I wait until someone approaches me and then I gauge the situation. This never works out. Never. Never. Never. I attract the "bad boys" by virtue of my tattoos and devil-may-care perception of myself. Then low and behold, they ACT like bad boys and I find myself in a strange relationship purgatory where I am trying to "fix" them while being miserable in the way I am treated. Soon enough, the commodity runs out and the relationship ends. But it doesn't stop there. Just ask LITERALLY 6 ex-boyfriends of mine who have called or text me on the nights before their wedding to say "you will always be my greatest love", "you're the one who got away", "I will always love you more than anything", "she can never compare to you", (yes, actual words from some of them) etc. I have always wondered what their wives would say if I ever showed that to them. I tried to let one know but she called me a jealous liar. That ended that moral crusade. So, the trend goes on. I meet them, they approach me, they treat me like dick, I get fed up, they get married, and the text messages start. So much fun.
I am freshly out of a relationship. That one was hard. I find myself missing the hell out of him but then realize he was never really there anyway. This is a difficult one for me. I would like to analyze this one before I talk too much about it. So, there is clarification of my failed love life.

As for work, it is difficult to explain my love/hate relationship with this industry. The best way to do so is to say I have met prostitutes with more class in their pubic hair than some of the people I have met in this industry. And I say that with all seriousness. Now, not all people here are bad! I have quite a few friends that I love more than life and admire so many that I have met here. But sadly, it is a sad number compared to the "it's all about me", "I am the best", "people should feel lucky to be in my presence", "I deserve a blow job for being in this film" attitudes that people carry around. And a lot of the most outspoken, self admiring, egotistical people are the WORST at what they do! No talent! No redeeming qualities! No original ideas! Just worthless jobless people who own a camera and make movies with the people they live off of and trade screen time for a place to stay and some warm meals. Do you know how INSANE that makes me?! Everyday I see talented newcomers who are dying to get admiration for their hard work and they have to compete for recognition with asshats like that. Well, guess who wins that battle in my book. I have a few rules that I stick to and I will share them with you all.
-If someone is telling you how awesome or talented they are, odds are they are the only one who believes and sees it.
-If someone is constantly complaining about the state of film making and film makers, they have way too much time on their hands and doing less than the people they complain about. After all, who had THAT much time to bitch on social networks when they are doing something with their lives.
-If someone's claim to fame is that their titties, penis, vag, etc is in a film, that's the only part they were useful for. If people remember the "member" before their performance, they probably had a shitty performance not worth remembering.
-If you see a shitty film being glorified by smaller entertainment sites, the odds are the writer is riding the balls of the film maker who is promising them a role in their next film. Yes, film makers know how to manipulate the system and some naive and just as equally of untalented people will fall for it.
-Self promotion is one thing. Self exploitation is another. When someone literally drowns you out in an ocean of their projects and has to post everywhere they are, have been, will be, what they are attached to, what they will be appearing in, who they will be working with, etc and NEVER SHUT UP about themselves, this person is trying way to hard and it normally shows they don't have the talent to back up the name they are trying to build. These people are get a quick admission to my "ignore" club. I can't take them seriously after that.

These are just a few of my rules. I have many and they serve me well.
I am not a nice person when it comes to certain things. I have no time nor want to surround myself with people who can't take the time to get better because they believe they are already perfect. Life is a learning experience and those who believe they have already mastered it are the newest of students.
But beyond all of that crap, I love what I do! I love watching new film makers grow and old pros hone their crafts. I love watching people who never thought they could make it, make it. I love the success stories that come out of this pit of gloop. There aren't many but the ones that exist are worth being around for the ride for.

As far as everything else, I will start going into more immediate issues in the next few entries. I am just giving you a taste of who you are dealing with here. If you have any questions, you know where to find me.
I have to run for now. School work, site work, and kids are calling. Talk to you guys soon!



  1. No matter how busy I am, I'll always make time to bitch about crappy handycam movies on social networks. :)

  2. "Life is a learning experience and those who believe they have already mastered it are the newest of students."

    Love that quote!

  3. Thank you guys! I'm glad you stopped by :)

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  4. Love the post Dai. I always feel like you have been honest . Take care