Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hey all!
Well if you follow me on FB then you know that I spoke about auditioning for a part a few weeks ago and I was really hoping to get it. Well.... I GOT IT!!! :DDDD

I can't tell you how excited I am to work with the people who are already set to be part of the cast and crew and how honored I am that I was even chosen!
I can't tell you a lot about it yet BUT I promise you keep you guys 100% updated on not only HorrorNews.net but my personal FB page and THIS blog as well.
From the rest of the cast that I know will be appearing, I can tell you guys that you will be VERY excited to learn about this new film.
AND just as a little hint to the part I am playing, let's just say at some points, I will be completely transformed into something else....a little more personality fitting ;)

As soon as I have permission, I will give you guys more details bit fir now....Stay Tuned!!!



  1. Congratulations hun!! Looking forward to reading all about it :)

  2. way to go , hitting the big time .