Thursday, September 16, 2010

Giveaways, Camille Keaton, Scott Michaels, and Sophie Lancaster...

Heya all!

Just a couple random thoughts I wanted to share with you guys!

The podcasts have been going great!
This week's line up is pretty kick ass if you ask me.

This Sunday on PODCAST FROM HELL we will have on Camille Keaton from the original I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE!
Camille is such a nice woman and honestly I am honored to know her.
ISOYG was one of the first films I felt really gave women a sense of empowerment. Victim to aggressor, loved the twist of it all. It is still one of my favorite films.  

Then Monday on THE GASH we will be having Scott Michaels, the owner of and the Dearly Departed tours in Los Angeles, CA.
I am such a death hag so this is so exciting to me! The topic will be, of course, celebrity deaths! 

Both podcasts will be on
For more info on the times, click on my PODCAST tab at the top of this page. :)

Last Monday on THE GASH we talked gave advice on questions that were sent to us by listeners.
One that hit home was from a girl who said she was constantly picked on because of her Goth appearance. I did some research and found the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.
I urge you guys to check out this website and read her story.

There is NOTHING empowering about picking on someone for being different than you. You may think this makes you feel better about yourself but in reality, it is just you acting out your own self esteem issues onto someone else. 
We are all different from each other and that is what makes all of us great. I don't want to be like you and I don't want you to be like me. If we were all the same this would be one boring ass world.
I hope that none of you reading this blog are like that. But if you are, it is never too late to change. 
And for those facing issues like these, NEVER apologize for who you are. Ignore the people who have anything negative to say about you. As long as YOU are happy, that is what matters. You are beautiful how you are just as long as you are happy with who you are.
Let's put an end to bullying!!!!!!!

With Halloween coming up (my favorite holiday!!!!) and the fact that I have been with you officially for TWO years now, I am giving away a few movie packages!!!
All you have to do is follow me (@DaiGreen) and HNN (@HorrorNewsNet) on Twitter and on 10/31/2010 I will be picking THREE winners to receive a kick ass movie package! Each package will contain at least 3 movies of my choice and will all be AWESOME horror films!
Make sure to send me a Tweet and let me know you are following so I know to put you in the running!

That's about it for right now all!
Thank you guys again for all of your support and I hope to hear from you guys soon!
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  1. what if you hate yourself , then the world needs to pay for their crimes against you

  2. No, you need to learn how to love yourself.
    The world is a cruel place and the only way we truly have to escape it is in our own minds and hearts. If those are both filled with hate then you are doing a much bigger injustice to yourself than what the world is doing to you.

  3. So very true what you wrote above and in your comment. Growing up, we tend to befriend those like us and we just pretty much treat others in a way that's almost inhuman. Oh, I hate the popular kids, oh I hate these people, those people. Negativity/fear/hate start early. I wish there was a simple answer, but there is ONE thing that we can all realize, and that's, being negative, or a bully, or having hate, IS A CHOICE. WE do choose how we react, think and behave. Even as adults we face the same obstacles. Different people clashing. I am drawn to what's different because it is interesting and different, it's exciting. Unfortunately, when people that are different than you sense you, they may react with hate/negativity. This world has a long way to go but we still have that choice.

  4. ok then, why do you never speak to me dai

  5. All that stuff about Goths being picked on is just an isolated incident caused by a few drunken Chavs. Chavs are Britain's underclass of scum and make me glad that I don't live there anymore.

    BTW I love myself every night and twice on Sundays... usually when I'm listening to you doing the podcasts. ;)

  6. I agree. U know, I have a few Brit friends who loathe it there, and are begging some of us to adopt them in the US. I never knew why the UK Was THAT bad. Is it really that bad there? From my personal experience, I can't speak for the rest of you angelic beings ;-), but people tend to be passive aggressive, very complicated w/their values, beliefs, morals, thoughts about life/others, and have chips on their shoulder. It's not just lets say what Dr.Blood said, "Chavs" vs "goths," it's any/every category you can think of because humans suck. There is ONE cure that I have come up with for now. It's ..the FUKITOLL pill. Works wonders. : - O I <3 listening to Dai b/c she's talented & funny but we're all works in progress right? ;-)

  7. I try to talk to everyone as much as I can, Mike. Sometimes I just get really bust and can't get to everyone as much as I'd like to but I always make sure to check in :)

    I know that was an isolated incident in the UK but it speaks volumes since it happens to many people, of all walks of life, everyday.
    It's just another sad example of intolerance. Intolerance needs to be stopped.

  8. I agree. Let's start by making a change on facebook =)